Order/Chaos PVM System

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Player Vs. Monster system designed to to give Chaos/Order players the ability to earn XP and additional OC Exclusive items. Monsters have been tweaked (only the OC Versions) so they are balanced in respect to the opposite guild type.

Order Monsters

  • Order Boura
  • Guardian
  • Guardian Elite
  • Ethereal Warrior
  • Kirin
  • Unicorn

Chaos Monsters

  • Chaos Boura
  • Dragoon
  • Dragoon Elite
  • Juka Lord
  • Juka Mage
  • Juka Warrior

Order/Chaos Arms Master

  • Located in it's respective guild types stronghold - Order is Brit Castle in Trammel; Chaos is Blackthorne castle in trammel britain
  • Gives initial quest so an OC Player can start to recieve credit for killing opposing monsters (dbl click NPC)
  • Once quest is complete, he is used to purchase OC Morph Weapons, upgrading OC Morph Weapons, and purchasing OC Traps (dbl click NPC for gump)


Once you have obtained your [[OC Morph Weapons|OC Morph Weapon, (purchased from the OC Arms Master). A few resources may come in handy. Rare stones have been rumored to assist in the building of these weapons, however little info at this time is known. Other resources that may drop on the creatures can be used to increase the durability (this is the only way) of these weapons.