Order/Chaos Assassination System

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  • Each guild type will have a contractor NPC to hand out assassin contracts
  • Contract will be for an opposing member online
  • Must be rank of Slinger to get contracts, and have contracts taken out on you
  • Contracts expire after 2 hours, or if the mark logs off before it's fulfilled
  • Using teh tracking skill successfully will give a general whereabouts of the mark
  • Choosing a mark can be done randomly, or chosen from a list of eligable marks based on points - no names will be displayed until the contract is issued
  • Bonus points = # of contracts that mark currenlty has multiplied by 10, plus the difference in rank multiplied by 10; (#contracts * 100) + ((mark rank - assassin rank) * 10)

Assassin kills mark:

1. Assassin gets base points (500) + bonus points as agreed upon when they took the contract. 2. All active contracts for that particular mark are void 3. Mark is ineligable to become another mark for 1 real hour

Mark kills assassin:

1. Mark gets base points (500) + ( rank difference * 25 ) - rank difference only applies if assassin rank is higher then the marks rank. 2. only that assassin's contract is void