Loyds Gate

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As told by Orion Sin:

Loyd was mystical...

Loyd made a rechargeable time based Moongate so he could easily go from one of his 3 houses and back again with little effort. It was a splendid mix of tinkering, magery and alchemy.

I had a moment to pick Loyd's brain about his invention. It is filled with a fuel made from trans powder, black pearl, and nightshade. The 5 bottles of this fuel will run the machine for 30 day. but it had to be manually filled only AFTER it has run out of fuel, this is because the system is pressure fed. once the machine is running it put up a stable green gate. It was only linkable to matching machine on the other side that somehow through the gate, shares the fuel source REMARKABLE!

Loyd passed shortly after our meeting... You 'can' link 3 open gates... but going in one means you'll pop out of the other 2... and when the gates decided what part of loyd went where... well... it was messy.

The machines and all of Loyd's research fell to Loyd's prude sister who never gives in to my advancements... well she had all that stuff destroyed, along with my heart....

R.I.P. Loyd

Loyd's sister has been known to hang out near Moonglow.