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Taken from 7/20/2010 Changelog [1]

  • Kraxxis the Shadowweaver can now be released from his prison in Khaldun. Kraxxis is a powerful superchampion, and it is NOT recommended you attempt this without a substantial group.
  • Choth-uarli the Reanimator has been to death and back, and brings his army forth.
  • Khaldun storyline has been expanded a bit. Look for the books!
  • New puzzles added both by in-game staff and in code.
  • Over 20 new ground-stealable rare items.
  • Killing Creatures in Khaldun 2.0 will now reward prestige with the Excavation Team, allowing you to purchase treasures. In the meantime, Kraxxis drops the entire loot table.
  • Several new and very deadly creatures added, each with unique abilities.

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