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Instance Dungeons

Instance dungeons, a custom of Alexandria, is a system that can capture any Ultima Online Dungeon, and create a dungeon scenario. The system uses a custom map supported by the UO client, so it is truly that, an instance dungeon. Each Instance has a duration time to complete its objective, a lockout time (time to re-do that particular dungeon type), and a party size min/max requirement. So far, there are 3 different scenarios that uses this system:

Ninja Den

What lies ahead, I hope your ready...

Venture forth, and meet the three ninja sects. While different from each other in many regards, they have one common goal in causing havoc to the outlying lands. Infiltrate their layer, and seek them out. Be wary folks, as they must be 'found' and don't merely wait in the open. Having keen detect and tracking skills will surely help in your success and survivability.

Once you have defeated enough, the path to the next sect will be revealed as only one can be defeated at a time.

  • Deadline: 3 hours
  • lockout time: 24 hours
  • Min Party Size: 2
  • Max Party Size: 10

Zombie Run

Something terrible has happened... Here lies a secret laboratory funded by Lord British himself. We are responsible for creating vaccines for the poor and the sick. A few weeks ago, we though we made a breakthrough with the current plague that has stricken Moonglow. Next thing you know, the lab rats became terribly rabid. A few days later, the scientists themselves became ill, and all became aggressive towards each other. In the days past, short term antidotes have been achieved by a special mixture of the blood of an infected, with antibodies that were successfully extracted from the infected mice. While the antibodies were numerous in supply, collecting the infected blood became too risky. We have since had to leave, and fear to return, squashing any hopes he have to obtain a vaccine.

How can you help, you ask? It's easy... We think the infection originated from a mutation of one of the tested vaccines in a lab rat. That lab rat, then bit two of the doctors which we consider all three 'patient zero.' A theory of mine is that its blood will have the original strain of the virus, which I can use as a vaccine to keep this plague from spreading outside the laboratory. Be warned, one bite and you could be infected, too, unless you are able to obtain an antidote. Good luck!

  • Deadline: 2 hours
  • lockout time: 18 hours
  • Min Party Size: 1
  • Max Party Size: 10

Orc Encampment

Hail, adventurers! Ahead, the Orcish Army has fortified the dungeon entrance ahead. What lies beyond that, you ask? Elven Spies made it to the next level, but no further. There they witnessed various orcish professionals hard at work for their war efforts. They stole a set of very abstract plans that outlined invasions of various, but unnamed cities. It has also been rumored the orchish army is attempting to channel the dark magik of Sorcerer's Dungeon that would surely aid in their invasion. Breach the upcoming obstacle, and obtain a foothold within the orcish encampment!

Oh, and another thing...our spies found some strange hued weapons with no particular use, or at least from what they could ascertain. It would behoove you to collect these items for a later use.

  • Deadline: 3 hours
  • lockout time: 72 hours
  • Min Party Size: 2
  • Max Party Size: 10