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Sea Prowess

Sea prowess is obtained by killing pirate captains, merchants and other players while at sea. Each player with any amount of prowess will be aligned based on the the types of NPC's they kill, either pirate captains or merchants. For example, if you have more merchant kills than pirate kills, you will be considered of evil alignment. Evil aligned players can visit Admiral Red, and good aligned players can visit Sir Drake to toggle war mode on/off. When toggled on, you are free to attack any opposite aligned player with sea prowess. They will show up as orange in any facet. Beware, you will be freely attackable by them, as well.

Sea Prowess has a few advantages. It increases the distance in which you can track boats, including the new boat tracking features on Alexandria. It also increases the maximum distance for cannon shots, as well as increasing the lateral offset for different types of cannon ammo, making it more accurate in battle.