Granite Chest

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The schematic for this is found on the corpse of gargoyles, very rarely.

The schematic requires 150 ingots, a couple of tinker made items, 10 granite and 3 iron wire. The schematic requires at least 95% tinker skill and still has a chance for success of only 33% at GrandMaster skill level.

Whether you fail or succeed the ingredients are gone. You get two tries per schematic, before it too, disappears.

You can now color your chest based upon the ingots you choose to use.

The chest holds granite of all colors and shows them, by color, with counts for each displayed

- so it's much better organized and much easier to retrieve the required granite from a chest. The chest counts as one item in a pack but retains the weight of the stored granite within.

The chest can hold 100 granite and takes the appearance of a metal chest.

Resources to craft

  • Granite: 10
  • Springs: 4
  • Hinge: 2
  • Iron Wire: 3
  • Requires Tinkering

These are extremely tough to make, so expect to use more resources than expected due to failing.