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Exevent Dropc {container id} [x y]


The Exevent Dropc command drops obects you drag using the Exevent Drag command to any container you want.

If you don't specify x/y then the item will be dropped on the bag, otherwise it will be dropped into the bag at the specified location.

If you want to combine the stack being dragged with another stack of the same item type, just pass the ID of the destination stack as {container id}.

  • This command is only available from EUO 1.5
  • The x/y parameter is only available from EUO 1.5 TV 56
  • You shouldn't use Event Drag in connection with Exevent Dropc command or you'll end up with a ghost item on your cursor. That's why there is an Exevent Drag command


finditem %gold G_2
if #findkind <> -1
	Exevent Drag #findid #findstack
	wait 10
	Exevent Dropc #backpackid
	wait 10

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