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The Darksoul Hauberk is a custom chest armor piece on Alexandria.

Item Properties

  • Artifact Rarity 11
  • Faster Cast Recovery 1
  • Faster Casting 1
  • Lower Reagent Cost 20%
  • Mage Armor
  • Mana Regeneration 3
  • Physical Resist 24%
  • Fire Resist 4%
  • Cold Resist 34%
  • Poison Resist 1%
  • Energy Resist 2%
  • Total Resist 60%
  • Strength Requirement 60
  • Durability 255 / 255
Picture: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/513/darksoulhauberkgo2.jpg

Item Spawn Details

Spawns on Warlocks at the Witch Champion Spawn in Ilshenar
Drop Rate:
  • 1:1000 on Warlocks
Luck does not affect drop rate.
Each person who does enough damage to get looting rights gets a chance to receive the item.

Value and Usability

  • 1/1 and 20% LRC make it a great mage item. Add to that the 65 total resists and it should fit into any magery or necromancy suit.
  • There have been no sales of this item on the Alexandria Trade board, but given its usefulness and rarity it should be considered a very high value item.