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The #contKind system variable determines the kind of the currently selected container/gump. Most menus have a kind attached to them. The can be utilized to find out if a crafting menu is open, if something is being dragged, if a runebook is open and many other things.

Note: This variable can change every time a new patch is released for the client, and EasyUO is updated. Good scripting standards dictate that you use variables in top of your script for #contKind's. In this way #contKind values can easily be updated when the client is patched.

Note: EasyUO currently only holds information in the #cont* on the "top most" gump. This means that the last gump that was opened or moved in any way is what EUO is reporting.


if #contKind <> %craftMenuKind
     gosub useNewTool

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