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This is story of a merchant that I had heard. It was one of those good drunken night....

...I control 14 characers of which they do different task. I can control two at the most, but very taxing. One thing they all have in common, besides me working them to the bone, are to run and get me a bod (Buld Order Deed). Thankfully I can recover such precious deed when they perish on their safe journey. Safe maybe, but traveling outside of towns are fraught with dangerous creatures.

To continue on, I have sought the person giving the quest. To my surprise it was a rather laborious task. Being poor that I am, I could not pay for the ingredients of items he requested. So, I sought to have a Grandmaster Miner, a Grandmaster Lumberjack, a Fisher, a Blacksmith, a Tailor, a Carpenter, and a Bow Crafter. This is quite a task but thankfully the Fisher, Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter, and the Bow Crafter does not need to be a Grandmaster but at least of sufficient high level of skill. The higher the skill, the better their chances of crafting this object. I have heard that talismans assist in the success.

The story continues on a later day