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The Alexandria freeshard is the Official EasyUO Freeshard project.
Not to be confused with the Alexandria standard subs library.

Alexandria : The Official EasyUO Freeshard

About Alexandria

The general idea behind Alexandria is that we wanted to create a place for the EasyUO community to hang out and play the game without worrying about being banned for macroing or even talking about scripting. We encourage scripting on Alexandria - however, it should be noted that unattended goldfarming/resource gathering is unacceptable behavior, per our Unattended Macroing (UMing) policy.
Since our launch in late 2004, Alexandria has gained staff, programmers, and added several custom gameplay enhancements that we felt players would enjoy. Among these are casino add-ons, tree growing, renovated dungeons and spawn, a system for stealing from monsters, and much, much more. If we see something in UO that we can improve upon, chances are it's on our list of things to work on.
Alexandria is staffed by long-time EasyUO veterans and active community members only, so we know who we can trust, and our players can trust us. There is ZERO gm corruption on our shard, we do NOT give out items for any reason, with the exception of events and quests that are free for all to participate in.

More Details

Further details regarding Alexandria are available via the following links:

Custom Systems


Custom Items

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